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Written on the Body offers Massage and Acupuncture treatments designed specifically for each client. Our skilled practitioners are committed to creating a space for everyone to relax, find peace and enjoy freedom from chronic pain. We combine a creative modern ambiance with an old school bed side manner in an effort to offer the best care available in Portland, Oregon.

  • julie campbell
  • lise pacioretty
  • katie jayne selin
  • katie o'neill
  • bethany carder
  • victor barreda pazos
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julie campbell

julie's signature therapy

julie campbell lmt

Sun, Mon & Wed: 3pm-9pm, Thu: 9am-3pm
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lise pacioretty

lise's signature therapy

lise pacioretty lmt

Fri: 9am-3pm
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katie jayne selin

katie's signature therapy

katie jayne selin lmt

Tue: 7pm-9pm, Wed & Sat: 3pm-9pm

I am a Midwest native with a deep love for helping things grow. I came to Portland with a degree in Landscape Architecture and through non-profit work realized my attraction to bodywork, a unique form of art with a living medium, the human body. I believe that touch is an important part of the healing process & have witnessed the profound changes that massage can initiate. My personal style combines elements of Deep Tissue, Acupressure, & Swedish massage to create a relaxing & restorative treatment for each individual.

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katie o'neill

katie's signature therapy

katie o'neill lmt

Wed: 9am-9pm
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bethany carder

bethany's signature therapy

bethany carder lmt

Fri & Sat: 3pm-9pm, Sun: 9am-3pm
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victor barreda pazos

victor's signature therapy

victor barreda pazos lmt

Thu: 3pm-9pm
woman getting massaged