DIY: Natural Beauty Care

As winter continues I find my skin and hair becoming more and more lackluster.  Even my massage clients are complaining of itchy dry flesh and the oil is being soaked up much quicker than usual!
I have tried practically everything as far as over the counter moisturizers, toners and cleansers go.  Yet nothing seems to do the trick.  Until recently when I did an extensive internet search into DIY facial and scalp treatments.  So far I have only tried a couple and I will tell you about them here:**Please use your own discretion when trying out these DIY beauty care recipes, they may not work the same for everyone.  I highly recommend a test patch prior to doing the full on treatment.Baking Soda Facial Mask:
This is soooo easy and it leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and fresh.  I have been using this mask every other day for about a month and it has kept my face looking clear and moisturized.
a small palm full of fresh baking soda
a little bit of water to mix it into a paste
Mix baking soda and water into a spreadable paste in the palm of your hand.  Spread the paste onto your entire face and if you like neck and chest area.  Leave on for up to an hour and rinse with warm water.

Jojoba oil:
I have switched from all lotions to 100% Jojoba Oil as a moisturizer and it is unbelievable.  If you have combination skin like me it is very difficult to find a lotion that works well and doesn’t contain an oil that will make you break out.  Jojoba oil is said to be the closest oil to the natural oil our skin produces which is why it doesn’t tend to make us break out!

Witch Hazel:
So old school!  You can purchase witch hazel practically anywhere and it is a wonderful natural toner for your face.  I have used it off and on since I was a teen but recently I have been using it every single day and it has had desirable results.  It gives your face a renewed look and reduces the size of pores.

I exfoliate with rolled oats one time per week.  This was recommended to me by a woman whom called in while I was working at a call center.  I quote “exfoliating with oatmeal is what has made me look at least ten years younger than all of my sisters.”  🙂  We shall see, but it feels great and leaves your face feeling super soft!
a small hand full of rolled oats
Mix the rolled oats with a little bit of water in your palm and exfoliate your face with a small circular outward motion and rinse.

Tea tree oil and olive oil conditioner:
This one is brand spanking new so I am not sure about the results yet.  The last two times I have washed my hair I have used a palm full of olive oil mixed with just a few drops of tea tree oil as conditioner, after shampooing with Dr. Brommers mint soap.  So far so good and my hair looks shiny not oily!  I will get back to you on how well it takes care of a dry and itchy scalp but it does seem to give at least a little relief!

That is all for now,  I will get back to you on any new diy beauty tricks I decide to try out.  Meanwhile I would love to hear about your favorites!

Julie Campbell, LMT OR#15892