August 24th, 2012


Just in case you haven’t been following this series I have been writing about my experiences receiving regular treatments from the lovely team whom I am privileged to work with at this studio.  This is a little blurb about the always happy and positive LMT: Katie Jayne Selin!
Katie joined Written on the Body a little over a year ago and we have been trading Massage sessions for about that long as well.  
Every time I see Katie she is smiling and always looking for ways to make not only our space but everyones days a little more beautiful.  In that same way she knows just how to put you at ease and to create a calm atmosphere when you visit her for a treatment.  This is a wonderful way to begin such an intimate experience and I always appreciate this unique trait.
Katie’s technique includes a customized mixture of gentle stretching, deep tissue, myofascial and Trigger point Therapy.   One of my favorite things about getting a massage from Katie is her ability to hone in on the exact locations that seem to be the control center of my pain.  I have seen her for many many many different ailments over the past year and her techniques have been effective with every single one.   She seems to have the perfect understanding of applied deep tissue work, bringing you just to the edge of your tolerance and letting up at the right moment.  A talent that is truly incredible.
I am a very lucky lady to have access to such skill and so very happy to have Katie as part of my team both in work and for my health care plan!  Do yourself a gigantic favor and book a treatment with Katie today!!