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share and win a free massage
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Review us online and win massage and coupons
Review us online and you will be entered to win a free 30 minute Focus! massage and a Chinook Book mobile coupon book.  We will draw and notify the lucky winner on August 1st.  We will keep an eye on the reviews to make sure you get entered but if your profile doesn’t clearly show who you are you may need to drop us a line to let us know you shared.
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Like our page on Facebook by clicking here and choosing “like” then share our page with your friends and you will get entered to win a free active lifestyle session featuring Tuina massage, cupping and Gua Sha.  We can track it on Facebook but just to be safe you might drop us a quick line to let us know you shared so we get you entered into the drawing.
Refer a friend and win a free massage, an acupuncture session or gift certificate to Portland Fit Body Bootcamp.  
Refer a friend and as always you get a free 30 minute massage but this month you will also get entered to win your choice of free 60 minute deep tissue massage, a 60 minute Acupuncture session or a gift certificate to get in shape with Portland Fit Body Bootcamp! Please tell those that you refer to make a note or let us know when booking that you referred them so that we can get your name entered into the raffle.  You are also welcome to text or email us yourself to let us know.

Get the most from your massage

Get the most from your massage

A practical guide to helping yourself get a great massage

Swedishget the most from your massage massage at Written on the Body

Choose the right type and length of massage session

First things first you want to know if you are choosing the right type of massage along with the correct amount of time for the issues you are experiencing.  Check out our blog post: “how often should I get a massage” to help determine what will best meet your needs.  You can also contact your massage therapist to chat about your issues and decide on a treatment plan prior to booking.  If your massage therapist is located at Written on the Body please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 503-473-8515

Be timely

Show up a few minutes early to your appointment so that you have time to fill out paperwork, chat with your therapist about the day’s issues and get on the table.  This will allow your massage session to begin on time and give you the full time allotted for your appointment.

Have realistic expectations

Massage is not a one time fix typically, especially if you have an issue that has been going on for some time.   You will usually feel relief after one session but most times it takes regular work to resolve pain, scar tissue, tension and other issues.  Talk with your therapist about a treatment plan that is right for you.

Speak up

A good therapist wants to tailor the session to your needs but we aren’t mind readers and we need to your feedback to make sure we are helping make the most of your session.  First and foremost communicate your expectations during the initial conversation with your therapist.  During the session, if you are too hot or cold, the music or lighting is not to your liking, the pressure is too much or little, if your therapist is talking too much or not checking in enough, etc… you need to let us know.  We can adjust for you most of the time, even if it is just something you think could be better we want to hear about it.  As the old saying goes “closed mouths don’t get fed”, too shy to say something?  Write an email after the session, believe me, talking to your therapist directly will be much more effective than leaving a negative review in cyberspace or telling all your friends.  (with that said if the therapist doesn’t respond appropriately or try to adjust to meet your needs then you should definitely share the news publicly).

Find the right team of therapists for you

It never fails that if I am in a group of people telling stories about their massage experience that one person will say “I don’t really care for massage” and when I ask why they reply that the one massage they had didn’t meet their expectations (even though they didn’t speak up).  Please keep in mind that different therapist are trained in different styles of massage and they have their own flow that they combine with those skills.  This means that not every massage therapist will be the right fit for every person and you may even find that a therapist might be the right fit for you at one time and then not at another.  I always recommend finding a trusted team of therapists including a Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Medical Doctor or any other combination that you find works for you.  This is so you can arrange for care when pain, injuries, accidents or other issues arise.


The hard work is over and now it’s time to let it all go, breathe deep and become a limp noodle!


To get the most from your massage it  is really all about you, knowing what your options are and what you really want out of your session along with finding the right therapist(s) for you.  Have questions about different types of massage or what might work best for your particular situation?  Feel free to send me an email at, I am always happy to make recommendations!

Thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous week:)



Drink water to look and feel good!


Such an important part of your health care plan and here are a few reasons why drinking water should be on top of your priority list:

  • For the sake of your skin-Your skin is 65% water and being hydrated can help your skin appear less dull and dry.  Celebrities swear by water to attain their red carpet glow!

  • Digestion-Water helps your bodies natural waste removing cycle by breaking down fats and certain fibers and helping remove waste products

  • Muscle health-Drinking enough water can help prevent fatigue after workouts and keeps tendons surrounding your joints pliable

  • Your brain-Dehydration causes all sorts of yucky health issues including headaches and cloudy thinking.  Drink plenty of water to keep your whole system working properly


Of course this is just the tip of the ice burg:)  Water has very real effects on your body’s functions and if you are feeling kinda blah you should really look into your water intake first.  If you find that you are drinking less than 8 glasses a day try a few of these tips to increase your water intake:

  • Drink a full glass of water when you wake up and then move on to your morning beverages

  • Carry a water bottle with you everywhere!  I started this habit when I gave up pop and it has made an amazing difference in my water intake.  Now I feel naked without my water bottle;)

  • Add a little something such as lemon, lime, orange or even an Emergen-C packet to help motivate yourself.  Just be careful of the sugar in any additives, you don’t want to become counter-productive to your goal

Do you have tips, tricks or personal stories about the role of water in your life?  Please share!  Thanks so much for reading and have a great day:)

Fathers day is June 21st: 15% off gift certificates for Dad!

Who doesn’t love a good massage or acupuncture session?  Certainly not your Dad!  Give the gift of healing and relaxation with our 15% off gift certificate sale running now until June 21st.  Click HERE to buy and use promo code “dadsrule” to get 15% off your special fathers day gift today!

Here is a lovely poem on the specialness of father’s, feel free to use it in the card you include with your Daddio’s gift certificate’s;)

fathers day

My Dad

When I was just a tiny kid,

Do you remember when,

The time you kissed my bruises,

Or cleaned by soiled chin?

You scrambled for the balls I hit,

(Short-winded more than not,)

Yet, every time we’d play a game,

You praised the “outs” I caught.

It seems like only yesterday,

You wiped away my tears,

And late at night I called your name,

To chase away my fears.

Though time has changed your handsome grip,

Your hair is snowy white,

You gait’s a little slower now,

Thick glasses help your sight.

Oh, do I thirst for years gone by,

To be that growing lad,

Re-living all of the memories,

Of growing with my dad.

Author Unknown