Spring is almost here!

The Spring Equinox is on Wednesday March 20th!   Spring is a time of growth, cleansing and rejuvenation in our lives, bodies and homes.  In Ayurveda, India’s ancient herbal medical system, massage is viewed as an integral part of any cleansing or detoxification program. The patient, or “cleanser” will eat a pure and simple diet during this time. Each day they will eat some ghee and receive a vigorous lymphatic massage. The therapist will apply copious amounts of medicated herbal oil to the body. This will continue for up to 7 seven days. Each massage is followed by a steam sauna. Of course, there are variations and many more details to this protocol, but the main elements of oleation and massage are constants. The idea behind the use of vigorous, oily massage is that the oils, which are both consumed internally and applied externally work to dislodge toxic substances from the accumulated areas in the body and move them out into the colon for elimination and out through the pores of the skin via the sauna, out through the stomach, etc.

During a detox process, it is especially important to keep your blood, lymph and other bodily fluids flowing freely, to keep your joints lose and limber, to stretch your tendons and other connective tissue and to stimulate your organs and glands. A daily massage will do all of the above.

Massage therapy benefits the lymphatic system. Massage, by stimulating the lymph nodes, boosts the circulatory and immune systems. This positively affects blood pressure, circulation, muscle tone, digestion and elimination.

A daily massage assists in the detox process as it helps the toxins, which are being released into your bloodstream from cleansing, exit your system with support. Massage can do this as it:

* Kneads toxins from the tissues and allows them to be excreted from the body, enhancing the detox process.

* Activates lymph drainage

*Calms the nervous system and improves blood circulation

* Improves breathing

In Chinese medicine the organ related to Spring is the liver, the bodies toxin filter.  This time of year is perfect for revitalizing the liver after the heaviness and hibernation of its long winters nap.  You can do this in a variety of ways:  diet, exercise and bodywork to name a few.  Written on the Body has several ways to support your Spring renewal!  Spring Clean Massage-
This 75 minute treatment includes a circulation enhancing massage infused with Umay’s signature detoxifying aromatherapy blend.  To assist in lymphatic stimulation we will also utilize the extensive benefits of dry brushing.  The dry brush as well as a specially created detox Epsom salt bath are yours to take home at no extra charge!

For the ultimate benefits we recommend a pack of 5 daily treatments or a month of weekly treatments, to purchase the buy 4 get 1 free Spring Clean Package for $310  give us a call at 503-473-8515.

For a single appointment the cost is $85

To add this treatment to an existing VIP Membership it is $20, please let us know before your appointment if you would like to add this treatment on.

Acupuncture-Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are excellent tools to support Springtime detoxification and general immune function!  Check out this great article on the Chinese Medicine perspective on Spring and liver function.
Community:  $50 per couple
Private:  $70
Herbal Consultation:  $25 plus the cost of herbs

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