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Here are some testimonials we have received from clients recently:
The hot stone treatment literally rocked! Super effective- the heat makes your muscles relax a lot quicker and thus is more effective. Love the atmosphere of the studio too.
By Anna R.
A Truly Special Place.  I had a bamboo massage and it was one of the most restorative experiences i’ve ever had. the heat combined with julie’s firm and knowledgeable touch felt wonderful. the female focused art, the colors and fabrics and general vibe made it feel all the more like i was doing something special for myself. simply lovely.
By Claire Dufala
The hot stone massage was excellent and they were super accommodating. I had a tight schedule and they were happy to work with what ever I needed in fighting the right time. I will definitely go back.
By Carrie
Julie is Great. She gives a great massage and allows a nice relaxing, but firm pressure massage. II love the warm bamboo and stones. The room is a little on the drafy side, but it is also nice to breath fresh air. I wouldh recommend her definately.
I had the hot stone massage with Julie and found it very relaxing but after reading the other reviews I’ll also try the bamboo massage. I like Julie a lot. She’s warm, easy going and gives a great massage. The only thing was getting into the building . The door was locked and I had to wait a bit but it was no big deal.
By Aaron P.
Great massage, very friendly therapist, very realaxing. I enjoyed the heated bamboo, they were smoother than the hot stone massage so it felt nicer on my skin than the stone. A bigger sign out front might be good, took me a little bit to find the place using my gps.
By Chris C.
I thoroughly enjoyed my hot stone massage, and probably even fell asleep a couple o times because it was so relaxing. Just the right amount of heat… next time I’m going to have it followed (or lead?) by a deep tissue massage and go for longer. A one hour massage just wasn’t enough!
By Ari
Incredibly relaxing, I didn’t want it to end. Is the best hot stone massage I’ve had so far! Thanks Julie! I will be recommending to all of my friends.
By Scott
My Bamboo Fusion Massage with Julie was excellent! The care and attention I was given by Julie was phenomenal I have been looking for the last few months for a Massage Therapist and after the excellent, wonderful care by Julie I truly believe I have found her. Julie was so close to perfect I can’t think of a better therapist than her, I will definitely be back.
By Annette
Julie was awesome. I tried the bamboo fusion and deep tissue massage – perfect. I get massages on a regular basis closer to home, but may need to start making the drive to Written on the Body because of the quality of the service.
By Rebecca
A very relaxing, soothing massage! The use of bamboo is highly effective. The therapist was professional and the atmosphere welcoming and tranquil. I will recommend to friends!
By Peg
My first time with the hot stone massage – it was so relaxing. Julie did a great job of using the stones along with some deep tissue massage with her hands. The setting was nice too.
I had an excellent experience with Written on the Body. The scheduling was great, the flexibility of the staff was great. Julie has wonderful hands and did a great job with the bamboo fusion massage.
By Debbie B.
I am under alot of stress and so I requested a relaxing hot stone massage and it was exactly right. Great music and a super massage. I was surprised that I couldn’t really tell she was using stones, but really felt the wonderfully relaxing heat from them. I would recommend this to everyone. Really made my day!

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