So, you want to try Acupuncture?

try acupuncture

Congratulations on deciding to try Acupuncture!!

Or maybe you haven’t quite decided or made the appointment yet, but people keep

telling you that acupuncture can help with your pain, insomnia, allergies, headaches,

depression and even anxiety.  Let’s face it, the thought of someone putting needles all

over your body makes you anxious!

Well, let me tell you why you should try acupuncture anyway.

First off, almost all of us had to get shots as a kid and let’s be honest with ourselves, it hurts!! There is

a reason why kids cry when they get shots…those needles hurt! The needles we

acupuncturists use are not injection needles. Our needles are superfine. You could

easily put 7 acupuncture needles into the tip of an injection needle. Acupuncture

needles are solid not hollow and so do not cut the skin. There is rarely any blood with


Most people do not want to see the needles, again people do not like needles. No

problem. Most of the time when you get a treatment you are laying down on a massage

table and can’t see the needles unless you look.


try acupuncture


Lets talk about what it feels like to get acupuncture.

The truth is there are a lot of possible sensations with acupuncture. The key word here is SENSATIONS. You are

supposed to feel something when you get acupuncture. I’m not talking about a lot of

pain, but sensations.


  • You may be waiting for a needle to be put in and we already have three in…so no sensation at all.
  • There may be a sensation of pressure as if someone is pushing against your skin but no pain.
  • There may be a dull aching feeling.
  • You may feel a sharp sensation that is very brief.
  • There may be a zinging sensation, like a shock traveling from the point to the extremity, Again this is a brief sensation that passes.
  • You may feel a warming or heat at the site of the insertion.


You could feel one of these or any combination of these sensations. Some points are

more sensitive then others, but not every time. The truth is that it really depends on

what is going on with your body. The same point may feel different every time you get

acupuncture…this is because every time you come in you are unique and need a unique

treatment. All of these sensations are ok if they pass quickly. It should be like you open

your mouth to say ‘”Hey, that feels…” and by the time you say feels…the feeling has quieted.


Always keep in mind that if something feels off or hurts, please tell your acupuncturist!

We are trying to help you, and acupuncture is not meant to hurt. Sit with the sensation,

but if it doesn’t quiet then tell your acupuncturist as treatment is a conversation between

your body and the acupuncturist. We want your feedback!

Acupuncture is often really relaxing. Most people fall asleep or drift in and out of sleep

after all the needles are placed. You may feel a floating sensation, bubbles or tingling in

your body, and a sensation of movement through your body is typical. You can expect

to feel deeply relaxed, energized or slightly spacey after treatment.

Every acupuncturist is different, just like with any Doctor, massage therapist, therapist,

etc, it is important to find someone you click with. Don’t try acupuncture once and

decide it isn’t for you if you didn’t click with your provider. Try a few locations and styles.

You will be happy you did!! Good luck and enjoy your visit to happy, floaty, relaxed aculand!


By Pamela Lovall, LAc
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