Massage for Back Pain

massage for back pain

Back pain is one of the leading reasons that people miss work and go to the doctor in our country, in fact 8 out of 10 people experience back pain that interferes with their daily tasks.  More an more people are seeking massage for back pain relief and there is good reason for this, it really works!

massage for back pain

I once had a client come in who could not stand up straight and could barely handle any pressure at all during his massage.  Even starting with the lightest touch combined with focused work I was able to help him find relief.  This particular client needed very regular treatment, two 60 minute sessions per week for one month, in order experience a full recovery.  It is important to remember that every situation is different and it may take you more or less time to become pain free, you may also need to combine therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic or physical therapy in order to become completely rehabilitated.  For extreme cases or if you are unsure about the cause of your pain we do recommend getting a check up at your doctor’s office just to make sure there are no other and more serious underlying causes for your back pain.  I have seen massage postpone and prevent surgeries and relieve countless other issues surrounding pain and anxiety.  No matter what, you can count on the fact that massage is a low-risk therapy that almost always gives you some benefit, therefore I ask:  what do you have to lose?

How does massage for back pain work?



Curious about what type of massage is right for you or how often you should receive massage for back pain?  Click HERE to learn more about our recommendations.

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