Do have pain from a car accident? massage and acupuncture can help!

pain from a car accident

Do you have pain from a car accident?

massage and acupuncture can help and they are covered 100% by your auto insurance company!  Read on to find out how to get the treatment you need to become pain free….


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Have you been in a car accident or know someone who has?  Often even the smallest impact can cause lasting pain or long term injuries and this is why it is crucial to get the care you need following a car accident.  It is important to know your rights regarding coverage for injuries and pain.  In Oregon you automatically receive $15,000.00 dollars to cover your medical costs through your auto insurance company.

Here are a few key points to help you get the appropriate medical care in order to fully heal the pain from a car accident:

  • In Oregon coverage for up to one year or $15,000.00 (whichever comes first) is automatic if you have auto insurance.  This coverage amount could be more depending on what you chose when you set up your policy.  This, however, does not mean that you get a check for $15,000.  With this coverage you are able to get care from the providers of your choice including massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapy as well as both eastern and western doctors at no cost to you.  The providers will bill your insurance company directly and you will pay nothing out of pocket.

  • Personal injury claims are typically handled through your own insurance company but they do not effect the cost of your policy.  If you don’t have coverage you may be covered through the other party’s insurance company.

  • If there are other people in the car they will also receive coverage for their injuries.

  • You may be eligible for payment if you are unable to work, speak to your adjuster about loss of wages to see what they can offer you.

  • If you exhaust your benefits but are not fully healed you may be able to continue to receive care but at that time you will most likely need to retain an attorney to negotiate further payment from the insurance company.  If this is the case you will need to speak to each of your caregivers to see if they are willing to wait until your case settles to receive payments beyond the time your benefits become exhausted.

What you will need when you make an appointment with your choice of providers:

  • You must first file a claim with your insurance company.  When you have given them all of the necessary information they will provide you with an adjuster who will oversee the payments on your behalf as well as a claim number.  You will need to provide the name and contact information of your adjuster and your claim number to your provider upon your first visit as well as your photo ID.

  • Your insurance company may ask for a doctor’s referral for various services ie. acupuncture or massage, don’t hesitate to ask your physician for a prescription for the services you desire.  Provide this at the time of your visit with your chosen therapist as well.

  • You will need to give the date of the accident and a description of the events and have a thorough discussion about the pain and injuries caused by the event with each of your providers so that a treatment plan can be made with each of them.

How often will you need to get massage and/or acupuncture to be free of pain from a car accident?

  • This is highly dependent on your situation and the type of massage therapist/acupuncturist you choose.  You will discuss a treatment plan at your first visit.

  • Typically we start out with once or twice a week for three months and re-evaluate/adjust your treatment plan depending on your progress.

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