A tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou

“Love Liberates” -Maya Angelou

I have always found this excerpt from the amazing Maya Angelou to be so touching and inspiring.  May we all find the power, grace and strength the Dr. Angelou possessed and be lucky enough to live our lives with such passion and integrity.


*I do not own this video and do not claim to be the owner of this beautiful work. Just sharing the love with all who care to hear.


I am sharing this today because Maya Angelou has always been a person that I have admired and looked up to, her life and words have influenced and shaped the way I think and move through this world.  I am certain that without people like her to remind and inspire us all that so much is possible there would be less greatness on the earth.

Rest in peace Dr. Maya Angelou and thank you for all you have given to this planet.